September 17, 2013// News

Update: SB 528 Headed to Governor Brown for Signature

Yesterday, Senate Bill 528 (Yee) passed out of the California State Assembly and later this week will make its way to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature. As those following the bill are aware, it focuses on the needs of parenting youth in California’s foster care system. The main provision of the bill would require the California Department of Social Services to collect data on the number of parenting youth in foster care, their ethnicity, placement type, county of origin and length of stay in the foster care. SB 528 would also collect information about whether or not the child of the dependent parent has been placed in foster care.
Since its introduction in February, other key provisions of SB 528 have been amended, including access to subsidized child care which was removed in the Assembly. Two other provisions have been amended, changing them from state mandates to local options. These include the requirement to provide sexual development education to all youth in foster care starting at age 12 and the requirement to conduct a specialized conference to ensure pregnant youth in foster care have access to services, including prenatal care.
Take a moment to read recent coverage about the SB 528 in the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle and stay tuned for how you can help make the case to Governor Brown about this important policy.
Originally published by John Burton Foundation on September 17, 2013