July 22, 2013// News

Support Foster Youth in College

Proposed legislation threatens to cut a hole in the community college safety net for foster youth!

We need California to rally behind foster youth in their pursuit of higher education. A recent amendment added at the eleventh hour to Assembly Bill 595 threatens to strip foster youth of their current right to unconditional priority registration at California’s community colleges. Fewer than 4% of all foster youth go on to pursue a college degree. For many of these youth, community colleges are the only viable option because they offer youth the flexibility to pursue a college degree while also navigating the housing, financial and other obstacles confronting them. Let’s keep community college a vital safety net for foster youth by maintaining unconditional priority registration.
Here’s what you can do:

Visit this link and use the opposition letter as a template, email the Senate Education and Appropriations committees and other lawmakers to remove the proposed amendment from Assembly Bill 595.

To: assemblymember.gomez@asm.ca.gov, christina.romero@asm.ca.gov, senator.liu@sen.ca.gov, suzanne.reed@sen.ca.gov, senator.wyland@sen.ca.gov, mark.reeder@sen.ca.gov, senator.block@senate.ca.gov, christopher.ward@sen.ca.gov, senator.correa@senate.ca.gov, amy.jenkins@sen.ca.gov, senator.hancock@sen.ca.gov, hans.hemann@sen.ca.gov, senator.hueso@sen.ca.gov, ana.molina@sen.ca.gov, senator.huff@sen.ca.gov, junay.gardner@sen.ca.gov, senator.monning@senate.ca.gov, bethany.westfall@sen.ca.gov, senator.torres@senate.ca.gov, gustavo.arroyo@sen.ca.gov, senator.deleon@senate.ca.gov, dan.reeves@sen.ca.gov, senator.walters@sen.ca.gov, garth.eisenbeis@sen.ca.gov, senator.gaines@senate.ca.gov, steve.davey@sen.ca.gov, senator.hill@senate.ca.gov, nate.solov@sen.ca.gov, senator.lara@senate.ca.gov, erika.contreras@sen.ca.gov, senator.padilla@sen.ca.gov, bill.mabie@sen.ca.gov, senator.steinberg@senate.ca.gov, kathryn.dresslar@sen.ca.gov
cc: Diana.Traub@sen.ca.gov, p.fern@kids-alliance.org

Subject line: Opposition to AB 595: Keep unconditional priority registration for foster youth

For questions, please email Paige Fern at p.fern@kids-alliance.org.