August 08, 2014// News

Show Support Today for SB 1023: Foster Youth in Community College

Senator Carol Liu (D-25) has introduced Senate Bill 1023, which would provide foster youth at each of California’s 112 community colleges with a range of academic and social support, as part of the existing Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS).Thanks to your letters, testimony and legislative visits, the bill has received strong support in the legislature. On Wednesday, August 6, SB 1023 was heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, where it was be placed on “suspense” along with all bills that have a cost. These bills will be voted-on in a closed-session hearing, likely next Thursday August 14th.

Now is a critical time to let lawmakers know about the importance of this bill. Please customize the attached draft support letter and fax it to Appropriations Committee Chair Mike Gatto at 916-319-2181 on Thursday or Friday. When you do, please also fax it to the John Burton Foundation office: 415-348-0011.

Second, please register your support for SB 1023 by calling the committee members below. Attached is a sample support letter and a updated fact sheet for calls, which provides talking points.

Please feel free to contact Amy Lemley at if you have any questions about the bill or the process. Thank you! And thank you to those who have sent in a letter already! Please make a few calls!

Raul Bocanegra- 916-319-2039
Steven Bradford- 916-319-2062
Ian C. Calderon- 916-319-2057
Nora Campos- 916-319-2027
Susan Talamantes Eggman- 916-319-2013
Jimmy Gomez- 916-319-2051
Chris Holden- 916-3191-2041
Bill Quirk- 916-319-2020
Sebastian Ridley Thomas- 916-319-2054
Shirley N. Weber- 916-319-2079

This information is courtesy of Amy Lemley, Policy Director at the John Burton Foundation.