Guardian Scholars

Guardian Scholars are on-campus programs designed to assist college students from foster care and help them access the resources and support they need to succeed in college. Foster Care Counts partners with Guardian Scholars programs throughout California, devoting significant time, resources and energy to support foster youth striving to get the higher education they need to secure the futures they want – be it community college, technical or trade school, or a full four year college program.

In addition to providing structural and financial support, we are engaged in numerous initiatives to help ensure that college students from foster care receive some of the same tokens and remembrances throughout the year as do their non-foster peers, including Christmas gifts during the holidays, back-to-school supplies at the beginning of the year, and gifts and a scrapbook upon their graduation.

We also provide opportunities for them to enjoy special events and parties, and are working to implement “Guardian Scholar Supply Closets” where we will provide snacks, school supplies, and toiletries for students from foster care to access as needed on an ongoing basis.

  Our efforts to date have been focused on helping foster youth matriculate colleges and universities throughout California.


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