May 18, 2012// News

Foster Care Counts, Huffington Post Article by Daniel Heimpel

Eight-year-old Gabbi happily munches on candy, a butterfly painted across her smiling face. A line of little girls in their Sunday best fidget while waiting their turn to get their faces painted also.

It is “Foster Mother’s Day” and Gabbi is one of 2,200 foster children and their families who will cycle through Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker’s 1.24-acre home and garden on Los Angeles’ West Side. An army of 200 or more volunteers usher children to games on the tennis court, foster mothers to an impromptu salon set up in one of the rooms or to long buffet tables replete with salads, sandwiches and fruit.

“I love it,” Gabbi says. “I think it’s awesome, and if I knew the people who did all this I would tell God to bless them because they gave all of this to us.” (more…)

May 16, 2012// News

Actor Tyler Blackburn attends Foster Mother’s Day

Tyler Blackburn makes a new friend at the 4th Annual Foster Mother’s Day Celebration.

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