September 10, 2013// News

Helping Foster Youth Maintain Momentum in High School: Partial Credit Model Policy

Partial Credit Model Policy

The Child Welfare Council along with the Child Development and Successful Youth Transitions Committee have developed several policy recommendations regarding partial credit for foster youth.

For years, California’s leadership has displayed strong resolve toward addressing the multiple barriers to foster youth’s academic success. The effective implementation of protections for foster youth, however, has been mixed across the State’s more than one thousand school districts. For instance, AB 490 and later bills require the award of partial credit to foster youth who transfer schools during the school year. Lacking  guidance on how to calculate, communicate, and utilize partial credit, however, many schools have been unsuccessful in meeting the intent of the law in a timely, efficient, and standardized manner. The Child Welfare Council convened a Partial Credit Workgroup to come up with a cross-sector solution to this challenge that leverages the expertise and capabilities of all those who play a role in supporting the educational attainment of foster youth.

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