October 25, 2013// News

Foster Care Counts on "Green Is Good"

Foster Care Counts was recently featured on Green Is Good!

“Being homeless does create a negative impact on the environment,” Pritzker says. “We believe that if there were more foster families available to help raise foster children that the homelessness numbers would diminish and the effect on the environment would improve.”

– See more at: http://greenisgoodradio.com/2013/10/moving-art-louie-schwartzberg-foster-care-counts-jeanne-pritzker-cbs-ecomedia-paul-polizzotto/

Listen at:  http://greenisgoodradio.com/guest/foster-care-counts-jeanne-pritzker/

“Green is Good,” hosted by Electronic Recyclers International’s John Shegerian, is America’s No. 1 green radio show that features people and organizations that are making a green difference.