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March 15, 2013// Leadership Meetings

Foster Care Counts Leadership Meeting

On March 14th, over 50 people gathered for a Foster Care Counts Leadership Meeting.  Featured speaker, Daniel Heimpel (Director, Fostering Media Connections) spoke on Foster Care, Politics, and the Media.

In my travels and relentless curiosity, I have come to know a small constellation of individuals from foster children to politicians who all can see — and strive for — a future where children – especially the most vulnerable – are put first. […]  Through Foster Care Counts and with your help, they have a chance to do something never before done for foster youth, turn that constellation into a universe, and in so doing create a chance for us to truly change the life path for hundreds of thousands of children.[…]  Foster Care Counts is doing the work that matters, and stands poised to make dramatic change for foster youth.

-Daniel Heimpel

To learn more about Daniel & Fostering Media Connections, visit: