November 09, 2015// News

5 Ways To Get Involved During National Adoption Month 2015 from CCAI

I found myself in my forties and I’d never had children. And one night I was watching a show on television, and it was talking about how many older children are in foster care, and I decided it was something I should do.

via Facebook (10/20/2015 Humans Of New York)

Every November, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) celebrates National Adoption Month along with adoption supporters from across the nation. This year the Children’s Bureau’s National Adoption Month initiative focuses on older youth in foster care who need loving, permanent families. CCAI encourages you to join us in raising awareness around the simple truth that you are never too old to deserve a loving family. To help promote this important message, we’ve listed five ways you can get involved this National Adoption Month:


1. Reach out to your Members of Congress and encourage them to cosponsor the National Adoption Day Resolution. Let them know that by cosponsoring they are making a public statement that adoption matters! To locate the contact information for your Senators and Representative visit They can contact Allison Coble at CCAI for more information (202-544-8500 or

2. Attend a National Adoption Day event in your city or state! For a list of events, visit

3. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your Blog and use the hashtag #nationaladoptionday

4. Know someone going through the adoption process? Adoptive families need all the support they can get. Consider donating financially or sending them an encouraging note, or both!

5. Consider adoption! Not quite sure where to begin? Check out these resources: or contact Allison Coble at CCAI for more information (202-544-8500 or